Casey and Chris’s Wedding

On February 4th, 2017 my older sister Casey got married and I officiated the wedding! Below are some pictures (taken by Grace D Photography).

Casey getting ready.
Chris had a great wooden bow tie engraved with mountains.
The girls.
The guys.
Just before the first look.
The wedding party!
My grandfather Donato's pocket watch.
Heyens and DiNuzzos before we left for the wedding.
Dave, Mrs. DiNuzzo, and Brian.
My brother Robert and John walking my mom down the aisle.
My dad walking Casey down the aisle. Bouquet made by John. The tree sticks used were from Chris's yard, our yard in Old Forge, and their neighborhood in Philadelphia.

One part of wedding was a “unity ceremony” where I read the following poem as Casey and Chris made and ate peanut butter and jelly.

I’m peanut butter and you are jelly and we’re so happy on our little piece of bread I remember when I first saw you sitting ‘cross the counter with your other jelly friends.
I met grape, and strawberry, but you’re raspberry and that’s my favorite kind. Please forgive me for that stint with honey. I looked at the label and not what was inside.
I’m so glad, that I discovered, you in the cupboard, I hope that you’re glad, too. From now on we’re stuck together but what could be better that being stuck with you.
You are sweet, and I am chunky You’re low-fat, well I’m working on that. I’m peanut butter and you are jelly and we’re so happy on our little piece of bread.

Jokes, of course.
The ring ceremony.
Madeleine and I after the ceremony.

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