Long Island Tough Mudders

I had signed up for the full Tough Mudder on Saturday quite some time in advance. When I learned that the Verst Team was running the half Tough Mudder on Sunday, I decided to try my first back to back Tough Mudder weekend.


I met up with Matt and Ben at Matt’s work in Greenpoint and we drove up from there.  Although my knee started bothering me about half way through, we made pretty decent time and it was a nice course mostly through the woods.

Since we didn’t have any spectators, those are the only pictures we were able to get.

Saturday night I threw a load of wash in (including the WTM 50 Mile bib), and relaxed for Sunday’s race.


AJ and I during the log carry.

Madeleine and I met the rest of the team at the Verst office and drove over from there.  The team included AJ, Jeff,  Kory, Garett, Ingrid, James, Keith, Lorenzo, Ryan, and me with Madeleine, Geoff, and Hiro spectating. The knee was feeling a bit better, but not 100%.

Unfortunately, the GoPro SD card was acting up, so I wasn’t able to get any video.

Kory and Ingrid killing it Pyramid Scheme bases with me.
Jeff and James helping me get to the top.
Those knee pads and trail shoes have been the two greatest OCR purchases I’ve made.
Blockness Monster is always a good time.
The course finished out with Everest 2.0. As always, this is one of my favorites.
Post TM beer before catching the bus back to NYC for some great BBQ.

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