Eclipse 2017

After arriving in Denver around 2 AM Saturday, we discovered the rental car company overbooked our two SUVs; we escaped to our first Airbnb and dealt with it in the morning. A 15 passenger rental bus named Gus ended up saving the day. After picking some Gus up, we left Denver, grabbed some groceries, alcohol, and ventured towards our second Airbnb in Black Hawk.

Airbnb + Gus
A short hike away from the Airbnb led to some great mountain views.
A short hike away from the Airbnb led to some great mountain views.

Less than 24 hours after arriving, we packed Gus up with everything comfortable we could find (blankets, pillows, bean bag chair, etc.) and left for Mount Evans and, eventually, Wyoming.

Gus made it up slowly and surely through the wind, rain, and snow.
Brief sunset celebration as we made it down (most) of the mountain.
Madeleine watching the sunset.

From here, we drove for some time before reaching a dinner resting spot. After a few driver shifts, we arrived at our exit in Wyoming. Since the rest stop was filled (12 hours before the eclipse would start), we carried on to a gas station down the road, got comfortable, and slept for a few hours.

By the time we woke up, we had plenty of neighbors.
While we intended to drive south to Glendo (population ~200), we decided that we were close enough.
Panoramic during the eclipse (sorry Kory).
After the eclipse, we stayed around in hopes of missing some traffic. However, a 4 hour trip up turned out to be a 12 hour trip home including a stop at an Arby’s that was completely sold out of food.

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